Franklin Information Systems, Inc. has been serving Building, Zoning and Housing Departments for 29 years.
We serve local, county and state government agencies.
Our comprehensive suite of software includes:
  • Property Management
  • Contractor Tracking
  • Full Permit Processing
  • Plan Review
  • Inspections
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Violations
  • Complaints
  • Imaging
  • Digital Pictures
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Business Tracking
  • Wireless Web Device Access
We Offer Site Inspection Entry and Processing
  • Email Inspection Results
  • Print Inspection Forms and Violation Notices
  • Attach Pictures to your Inspections
Let Our Web Module Provide Easy Access to your Citizens and Contractors
  • You Customize the Information they can see
  • Choose from Permits, Plan Reviews, Registered Contractors, Inspection Certificate of Occupancy and more...
  • Maintain Total Control of your System
We have Excellent Imaging Products
  • Allow for Electronic Submittals of Plans for Review
  • Also, Violation Pictures, Historic Preservation, Drawings, Documents to be Attached to any Building Zoning and more...
  • Scan for Single and Multiple Page Documents with a Flatbed Single Page Scanner
Incorporate your GIS System to your Data
  • Any Data Collected by our Software can be Attached to a Site within your GIS System
  • Image Formats include PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BIT and more...
  • All Images are Connected to the Property File for Easy Lookup