"BDS\FIS" - Building & Zoning Department Software Package
The complete package contains: Lotfile, Contractor, Permit, and Violations Modules. Let the "Lotfile" be the core of your community's property information. Track each property's static information with special usage, ownership, unlimited notes capability, and much more. Contractors can be tracked or registered. Local requirements, bonds, insurance, state licenses, and expiration dates will be checked for compliance throughout the permit process. As a Complete Permit tracking system, BDS\FIS takes you from "Application Entry", "Plan Review", "Approval", "Inspections", through "Certificate of Occupancy". Application, plan review, inspections, and complaints are Web enabled. Email inspection results to the contractor with a touch of a button. Property and contractor information will be automatically pulled into the permit process to eliminate unnecessary typing. The "Violations Module" tracks from the initial reporting of a complaint through printing of letters, inspections to citations, and resolution.

 Property File tracks each site per jurisdiction with plat name, full owner information, land use, acreage, tax abatement, zoning, flood zone, map
        number, and more. Flags properties that require special attention (Ex. Historical, Flood Zone, PUD). Track property history, variances, and
        more with the "Lotfile" notes feature.

 Contractors are grouped by user defined type codes (Plumbing, Electrical, etc.). Printouts and mailings can be produced for all Contractors or a
       selected type code. Prints: Contractor License, lists, letters, envelopes, and reports.

 Unlimited Fee types with formulas for calculation and full accounting.
Unlimited permit types.
A Checks and Balance system insures appropriate steps have been taken in each phase of the permit process.
       Automatically increments Permit and Receipt numbers. Assign your own Project Name to each Application helping you distinguish
       between multiple Permits at a site.
Track all Inspection activity saving notes to Inspection history. Schedule Inspections and print Inspector Route Sheets or use our "Field
       Inspection Tools" on Laptops, PDA's, or Wireless Web devices.
There are over 40 standard reports. Produce reports by date range for Census, Dodge, Use Group, Accounting, Application Expiration,
       Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Expiration, Permits with No Inspections, and more.

 Follow Zoning Complaints from the first notice letter sent through BZA and Court when required.
Print the "Tickler Report" to know when each Violation is due to be resolved or use our "Field Inspection Tools" on Laptops, PDA's or  
      Wireless Web devices.
Create standard (Notification,   Citation, Extension and Thank You) letters for all Violations/Complaints.

General Benefits
 Reduce repetitive typing of owner name, address, and all other information pertaining to each permit.
You can customize the Package's tables and Forms for your local requirements. (Example: Permit, Receipt, Plan Review Letter, Inspection Letter,
       Certificate of Occupancies, Contractor Letters, and Licenses - and many more.)
Maintain and update property files within your area.
Unmatched access to data via multiple "Look-up" fields.

Additional Modules to work with BDS\FIS:
Picture Tracking Inventory
Periodic Inspection Tracking
Business Occupancy Tracking
"BDS\PORT" Field Inspections
"WEB\PORT" Field Inspections