HDS\FIS - Housing, Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance Software Package
The complete package contains Lotfile, Contractor, Violations, Inspections, Periodic Inspections, and Business Occupancy Modules. Let the "Lotfile" be the core of your community's property information. Track each property's static information with special usage, ownership, unlimited notes capability, and much more. Follow "Inspections" for Housing, Code Enforcement, and Property Maintenance through "Certificate of Compliance". Setup multiple inspection programs, complaints, property maintenance, rental homes, business, vacant property, etc. Property information will be automatically pulled into the inspection process to eliminate unnecessary typing. Enter your inspection checklist. Produce letters and many standard reports. Setup a "Periodic Inspection" schedule for properties that need to be inspected on a repeat basis. Reports are available for property status, inspections due, and inspections past due. Track or register businesses in your community. Categorize businesses (Gas Station, Grocery, Doctors Office, and more) for reporting and mailings.

 Property File tracks each site per jurisdiction with plat name, full owner information, land use, acreage, zoning, map number, number of units, and
        more. Flags properties that require special attention (Ex. downtown, college areas).
Track property history, variances, and more with the "Lotfile" notes feature.

 Contractor lists, letters, envelopes and reports can be produced for all Contractors or a selected type.

 Update inspection results, tracking individual violations to completion.
Schedule inspections to produce an "Inspectors Tickler Report" or use our "Field Inspection Tools" on Laptops, PDA's, or Wireless Web devices. Let the system remind you of deadline dates, issuing workorders, and scheduling another inspection.
You can produce all letters from notification, extension to Certificate of Compliance and more.
Run reports for: Violations by Type, Violations for an Address, Violations for a Street and more.
Generate a history of each property in your area.

Periodic Inspections
 Will manage any Inspection requiring re-inspection on a preset schedule. (Example: Property Maintenance, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers,
       Rental Property or any other you wish).

Business Occupancy
 Register all businesses
Instant Access to: Local Business, Business Owner and Building Owner.
Print Occupancy Permit, Mailing Labels, Letters and business lists.
Track Vacant property so Community development will know what property is available for new business.

General Benefits
 Reduce repetitive typing of owner name, address, and all other information pertaining to each Inspection.
Allow you to customize the package's tables and design letters to be generated by the software. (Example: Notification, Extension, Thank You,
       Citation, Work-Order, and Invoice Owner).
Maintain and update property files within your area, enhanced with additional fields for Enforcement activities.
Unmatched access to data via multiple "Look-up" fields.

Additional Modules to work with BDS\FIS:
Picture Inventory Module
"BDS\PORT" Field Inspections