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Franklin Information Systems, Inc. has been serving Building, Zoning and Housing Departments for 29 years. We serve local, county and state government agencies.

Mission Statement: Guided by "The Golden Rule", we strive to improve the efficiency of the departments we serve, never forgetting the importance of our customers mandate, to insure the highest level of public safety for all.

  On site training, phone and modem support make our customer service unmatched. Customers have a voice in the continual development of all software products. Site licensed network products require no additional fees per station. Free web based continuing education training, available to customers. Automated software updates are available through our web site. Just log in and request the current release with all of the enhancements.

Central property file will provide full information for all of your agency departments regardless of multiple address, lot numbers or parcel I. D. numbers.

With a flexible client/server system, you can modify the tables and forms to do business Your Way. Manage multiple permit types, fee types, inspection types, with our permit system. Let your inspectors be their most productive in the field with our field inspection devices, laptops, wireless web devices (cell phones and PDA’s) and Pocket PC’s can be used to update their inspection results. Let your department be open 24 hours a day with our web enhancements. Schedule inspections, check inspection results, check plan review results, inquire on permits, and more from your web-site.

Track violations from original complaint through compliance or court. Schedule periodic housing inspections for keeping your municipality beautiful, while managing the workload. Manage multiple inspection type and violation types with our Housing\FIS. Business Tracking will keep your community in tune with your community development needs.

The most automatic imaging system ever developed. Allow Archive\FIS to automatically image your documents as you produce them. Also scan, capture pictures from a digital cameras. Attach electronically submitted plans to their application.

Many "Control File" options determine the way our software tracks and manages the flow of data to match your municipalities methods. Customize our software package through tables, and Microsoft Word forms. Custom programming, at reasonable rates available for any special requirements.

We have a large selection of add-on modules to meet your specific needs.

We offer a comprehensive suite of software from property management, contractor tracking, full permit process, plan review, inspections, certificate of occupancy, violations, complaints, imaging, digital pictures, periodic inspections, housing inspections, business tracking, wireless web device access, laptop field inspections, web access.