ARCHIVE\FIS & Picture Tracking Module

Document, Picture, and Drawing Imaging System

"The Virtual Filing Cabinet"

Our "ARCHIVE\FIS" and "Picture Tracking Module" are add-on modules to the "BDS\FIS" and "HOUSING\FIS" software products. Capture any picture or document with a digital camera or scanner and then tie to a site in the Lotfile. The pictures or documents stored in the software can be viewed or printed on any PC on your network.

The features described above can be accomplished by our "Picture Tracking Module", BUT, the advantage of the "ARCHIVE\FIS" software is that it will automatically capture an image of the forms or documents created by "BDS\FIS", "HOUSING\FIS", or any of our other add-on modules. "ARCHIVE\FIS" is more than just an imaging system. This is due to the fact that our automatic capturing of documents feature makes this product the most efficient imaging software designed. Competitor’s imaging systems still require each item to be scanned by hand!

These images are accessible from any PC on your network for viewing or reprinting. It is just like having filing cabinets on your desk, but far less crowded. Hard copy records can then be boxed and stored, out of your over-crowded office. We can not relieve your office of the responsibility to keep hard copy documentation, we can however, help you get it out of your way, in storage. The 32-Bit version can be used with any Windows "98" or later operating system. To retrieve the images for archival, any Windows compatible scanner or still video camera can be used.

Picture Tracking & ARCHIVE\FIS
 Save images of Pictures or Documents attached to "BDS\FIS" Lotfile Information.
Location, and unlimited notes may be kept for each image.
To display a stored image, enter a few characters of the street name. Select the item you wish to view.
When adding a violation, you will be prompted to attach a picture. Just follow the steps to create a visual history of violations.
When adding pictures with a digital camera, a thumbnail display of all pictures will show. Click on a picture, pick its’ address, and continue until
     all pictures have been applied.
It is easy to add a picture or document not produced with our software by using the scanner. Just place the picture in the scanner and select the
     address. You make up a table of types of documents to be stored.
These products connect to the LOTFILE database bringing the complete history of all properties to your desk.

As you are printing a document from "BDS\FIS" or "Housing\FIS" an image of the printed document will be placed in the Archive file. This archiving feature is a great advantage to your department’s productivity because the document developed in our software will not need to be scanned by hand. "ARCHIVE\FIS" is a time saver for your department.