Business Tracking Module
Building & Zoning Department Software

The "Business Tracking Module" is a companion piece of software designed to work with the "BDS\FIS" Building and Zoning Department System. The Business module uses the "BDS\FIS" Lotfile for property ownership, zoning, and much more. As a Business comes into town, register them with their first occupancy date. Print a Business list to pass to the Fire, Wastewater, Tax, or any other department needing this information. You can also print a business list by category, restaurant, industrial, for planning or other departments. This module is included in "HOUSING\FIS".


 Register All Businesses in your community.
Gives you Instant Access to:
    Business Name/Address/Phone Number
    Business Owner Name/Address/Phone Number
    Building Owner Name/Address/Phone Number
Categorize Business by Type. (Example: Retail, Restaurant, Gas Station, Office and more.)
Print: Occupancy Permit, Mailing Labels, Envelopes, and Letters.
Print: Paid Report, List by Business Type.
Track vacant business locations.
Track First Occupancy Date, Expiration Date, Application Fee, Date Paid, Federal I.D.#, Occupancy Permit #.
Unlimited Notes for each Business in your area.