Periodic Inspections Module
Building & Zoning Department Software

The "Periodic Inspection Module" was designed to take care of the EPA's requirement to do Periodic Inspections of grease traps and back-flow valves. Since its release we have learned of many other needs for this type of scheduled Inspections. The "BDS\FIS" Lotfile is used to supply much of the data required for this module, so very little typing is required for Periodic Inspections. This module is included in "HOUSING\FIS".


 Manage any Inspection requiring re-inspection on a preset schedule. (Example: Back flow Valves, Over Pressure Valves, Grease Traps, Fire
      Detection/Suppression Systems, Septic Tanks, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers, Rental Property or any other you wish).
Prints Inspection reports and letters.
Set up the types of devices/properties you wish to Inspect or Track on a repeat basis.
All Inspections are tied to the "BDS\FIS" Lotfile database.