"BDS\FIS" Building and Zoning Department Software Package

A Complete Permit tracking system taking you from "Application Entry", "Plan Review", "Approval", "Inspections" through "Certificate of Occupancy". Application, plan review and inspections are Web enabled. Multiple permit types, fee calculations Including ICC Fee Calculations, as well as full accounting. Features over 40 standard reports. Property File tracks each site within your jurisdiction with special use flags. Property information and Contractor information will be automatically pulled into the permit process. Building or Zoning Violations/Complaints are tracked to their resolution. Links directly with our “Live-over-the-web” Field Inspection and Imaging Products.

"HDS\FIS" Housing, Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance Software Packages

Track Inspections for Housing, Code Enforcement, and Property Maintenance through to "Certificate of Compliance". Setup multiple inspection programs, complaints, property maintenance, rental homes, business, vacant property, pre-sales, etc. Enter your inspection checklist. Produce letters and many standard reports. "Periodic Inspections" features setup, tracking of inspections required on a repeat basis. Track or register businesses in your community. Links directly with our “Live-over-the-web” Field Inspection and Imaging Products.

Unmatched access to your information via multiple "Look-up" fields. No one else gives you so many ways to find information. Address, owner, parcel, lot number, permit #, application #, contractor, and more.

Our many "Field Inspection Tools" include; laptops, and any other device capable of Wireless Web operation. Smart Phones, Android ,iPad and Microsoft Tablets with Wireless Internet connections. Inquire on permits, plan review and inspections over the WEB. Enter inspection requests and more.

Connects easily to GIS systems.

Customize the tables and forms to "Do It Your Way".

Directly links with Microsoft Word for great looking Permits, Receipts, Letters, and all other forms.

With system security you decide who has access. Security is designed to allow sharing of information to other departments. The "Systems Administrator" decides who can add, modify, or just inquire.

"On Screen Prompting", "Menu Driven Design", and "Look-up Windows" makes this an easy system to use.

Designed for Windows Networking or stand-alone PC's.

We continually improve and add new modules to our "BDS\FIS-32" package with the help of our customers.

Our Customer Support is Un-Matched by any other Software Provider.

Add-On Modules


Complete Imaging System for all departments in your municipality. Attach documents, digital pictures, and more to an address in your property file (Lotfile). Designed to enhance our "BDS\FIS", "HOUSING\FIS", and other software products by automatically capturing an image of each document produced. Saving you the time it takes to scan in current documents produced. Just scan in documents stored in your filing cabinets. Images may be viewed or printed from any PC on your network any time. Documents, pictures, and scanned images produce a "Virtual Filing Cabinet" you can Display or Print in moments. Just think, you could see or print any document stored without digging through the files.


Full tracking of businesses within your jurisdiction. Certificates, Mailings, Fees, and Reports for tracking Business's in your community. This product is included in "HOUSING\FIS" or can be added to our "BDS\FIS" product.


Schedule, inspect, and track all inspections needed on a repeat basis. Produce inspections needed report, past due inspection report, status report, and customized mailings. This product is included in "HOUSING\FIS" or can be added to our "BDS\FIS" product.


Starter Imaging system allowing scanned images and still video images to be captured and stored by type. These images are attached to the "BDS\FIS" & "HOUSING\FIS" Lotfile. Still video images of Violations may be pulled into the Violations/Complaint tracking process.


Make your inspector more productive with "WEB\PORT". View "BDS\FIS" Permit system data, using a Wireless device (cell phone) with WEB access. Inquire on Contractor, Permit, and Inspection History from the field. Inspection results are entered at the job site. Your results are recorded live on the office system as you enter from your wireless device.


Let your inspectors take care of business in the Field. Inspections for all "BDS\FIS" Violation/Complaints are updated from a Wireless device (cell phone or with WEB access). Violations may be added in the field. New violations and inspections are recorded live on the office system as you enter on your wireless device.


Give your Inspectors the benefits of being in the office while in the field for all HDS\FIS Inspections activities. Email results to contractor, add pictures to the inspection and print Violation Notices there in the field.